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Help us build the largest online poker dictionary! Submit your own poker. each definition in our poker dictionary/poker. Call Cold deck Collusion Color Up.Many poker rooms offer jackpots if a specific criteria is met.The Ultimate Guide to Preflop Calling Ranges. The Ultimate Guide to Preflop Calling Ranges - Online Poker by Josef. By that we mean they call too loosely and.When somoene opens, a 2nd player 3bets and your first action is to raise call home definition, meaning, English dictionary,. 54 (Poker) a demand for a. cold call n a call.How often someone limps and then folds to a raise while in the Small Blind.The official poker glossary online!. meaning cash on the table will be included in the total value of the players stack. Cold Call. A player with no.To discover a strong starting hand after there has been heavy action ahead of you.Once the bet has reached the amount of the cap, no more betting is allowed for the duration of the hand.

A player who catches a card to take the lead in a hand has caught up.Cold calling is defined as the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call.

Typically a player who limped would have folded had there been a raise.The poker term flat call is described and defined in detail on our website. Flat Call Definition Calling a. A cold call usually indicates a hand that is not strong.Also known as the Turn in a community card game, fourth street is the fourth board card dealt.

Stat Definitions. Overview:. Cold Call 3-Bet: When you just call a. The use of HM2 is in complete compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it.Meaning of COLD CALL in English. COLD CALL. verb and noun (Business World) In marketing jargon, transitive verb: To make an unsolicited telephone call or visit to.Having more than one possible draw, such as having a straight and a flush draw.


USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith returns with a new novel in his popular series about a group of retired Las Vegas Police detectives playing poker and.The time to evaluate the winning hand after all betting is complete on the river.When raising a bet, the size of the bet is calculated by the player calling first, then raising the total amount of the pot after the call.

A card dealt face down, such as the last card dealt in a hand of Stud.A split pot game where the high hand (best hand) wins half the pot and the best qualifying low hand wins the other half of the pot.Poker Terms - Poker Dictionary. Some poker terms and phrases are obvious in their meaning,. Cold Call or Bet; Cold Deck; Cold Hands.Survivors' guide to cold call. This is not a way of preventing the call in the first place, but it does mean you don’t have to endure a pestering sales rep.A player throwing one oversized chip into the pot without declaring a raise will assumed to be calling, regardless of the players intent.News specific to the online poker world including big scores, new promotions and new legislation.This allows the cheat to control the cards on top of the deck, waiting to deal them at an opportune moment.For example if you start with two cards to a flush on the flop you need to hit your suited card both on the turn and the river to backdoor your flush.Betting as a test to discern the true strength of your opponents hand.

How often someone folds to your 3bet when your in the Big Blind.The ratio of total size of the pot to the size of bet you must call to continue.Completing a draw, especially a lucky one, is a good catch, or catching your card.Date: 1966.: a telephone call soliciting business made directly to a potential customer without prior contact or without a lead. • cold-call verb.Poker HUD Stat Call Open (CCPF) is when a player calls a preflop raise when he has no money in the pot yet, including blinds. The cold call shows you the range.When a player is away from their seat in a cash game at the time of their blinds, they receive a missed blind which must be repaid before they can continue playing at the table.

How often someone limps and then folds to a raise while on the Button.The ratio of your chip stack to the total amount of all blinds and antes for one hand.

Matching a pocket pair with a third card of that rank on the board.A blank expressionless face, which gives away no information to your opponents.

Online poker sites allow you to view the history of every hand you played on their tables.Any player who raises pre-flop, then bets out on the flop is making a continuation bet, or C-Bet.Your current seat in comparison to the location of the button.